Teeth Whitening

The Philips Zoom Whitening System is the most-requested whitening treatment on the market today, and it’s already been used by more than 10 million patients to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. That’s because Philips Zoom Whitening’s in-office treatment is fast (just 45 minutes!), incredibly effective, and completely safe. If you’ve been thinking about whitening your teeth, but don’t want to go through the hassle of harsh bleaching trays or ineffective over-the-counter whitening strips, you should consider Philips Zoom.

Safe & Effective Teeth Whitening

This treatment system can brighten teeth up to eight full shades. It’s also completely safe and doesn’t harm your teeth or gums like other whitening products. In fact, Philips Zoom products can protect your enamel. If your teeth become discolored again, you can use Philips Zoom maintenance products to keep your teeth white and sparkling.

Additional Information about Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

First, your lips and gums will be covered so that they’re properly protected. Next, a special Philips Zoom whitening gel is applied to your teeth. Your SmileLife Orthodontics team then uses a special light on the gel that quickly erases stains. About 45 minutes later, you’re done with the treatment! Included in the Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment are trays that can be used from home to maintain your new bright smile.

This in-office bleaching treatment will whiten your teeth in just 45 minutes. Your dentist or orthodontist will customize the light’s intensity setting to bring your teeth to just the right shade. A desensitizer is included help to protect your teeth’s enamel and to make you comfortable during and after the procedure.

Philips Zoom Whitening must be performed by a dentist or orthodontist to ensure your safety and to make sure that you receive optimal results. Call or contact us today to set up an appointment and speak to the SmileLife team about the benefits of Philips Zoom Whitening.

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Case Results